Saturday, March 15, 2008

PC to Mac Adventure Diary of Tanya

The Amiga was a superior machine before the others.

I've been a Windows/PC power user for many years now. I can whip through multiple applications at a time and am advanced user-certified in Microsoft Office. I create graphics, videos, sound clips and Web pages with ease in the PC environment. And, I could probably help most anyone on their PC application questions. I can even adjust things under the hood when needed on my two personal PCs.

So needless to say, this week was a big step - I got a new a MacBook Pro, and it's going to become my primary personal computer. (Yikes, that thought makes me nervous!!)

It will be fun, but it will also a painful transition.

You'll know if this process is successful or not if I can avoid using a Windows virtual image on my Mac. For now, I won't do it. But I haven't packed up my (falling apart) Vaio yet either.
Many of our friends are Mac fans and have been extolling the virtues and superiority of Macs for many years to Dave and I. Years ago, I had used under-powered Macs in a few different settings, but this was before the common availability of broadband Internet and when Steve Jobs was away playing in other places. (Back then, I preferred the Amiga, which was far ahead of its time with graphical interfaces and true multi-tasking functionality that neither Windows or Mac OS had achieved.)

I hope that this new experience will show me the advantages to the qualities of this "superior" tool.

As I learn to transition to this new environment, I'll post my observations and struggles, so that perhaps you can "help" me along the way.

Let the adventure begin!


Jon said...

Our Amiga (our second one, I believe) is still up in the attic somewhere. In the days of 8 megahertz CPUs, they ruled.

Andrea Hill said...

Hi Tanya, I found your blog off the Personality Not Included interviews (you had some good questions, btw!). I am going through the PC to Mac transition myself, I just got my macbook pro on 02/13. I have to say, I love it! I thought I may have had to run parallels, but so far I've resisted.

I don't know if you have an apple store nearby, but I went to one of their 'training' classes for 'first-timers', it was actually decent. There are just some..idiosyncracies... that macs have. The genius pointed them out and explained them. I still double-click to get windows to be full-sized, but I'm getting there...

One thing I ADORE about my mac are all the dashboard widgets. At first I thought they were totally gratuitous, but I actually use alot of them (to post to livejournal and wordpress blogs, to listen to music, and see my gmail inbox). Good stuff!

Have fun with any other MAC adventures you have!