Friday, January 11, 2008

An obversation about my iPhone

Dave and I are geeks and as such did the "early adopter" thing by getting iPhones last year. I love my iPhone and do not regret switching from Windows Mobile to this device, mostly because the hardware and aesthetics are so beautiful.

Just this past week, I spent some time in a cold, snowy climate again, for a work planning retreat that was held at a ski resort near Tahoe. I dug out my gloves, winter coat, boots and scarf; and bundled up each morning to walk to the conference center. (Ugh! I moved to the South Bay area to avoid this weather!)

One thing I noticed, however, that the iPhone is pretty much impossible to use with gloves, and as such would be pretty inconvenient for me if I still lived in Michigan's long winters. This is because the glass touch screen responds to the heat from bare fingers and did not respond or work when I wore gloves!

That would be annoying... in order to answer your iPhone, you have to peel off gloves and expose your skin to the cold wind and snow. ;-) Thank goodness I live in Cupertino and only occasionally travel to snowy climes.

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Anonymous said...

obversation or observation?

One geek to another.