Sunday, April 08, 2007

Enjoying our CSA trial

Two weeks ago, we started a trial community membership at a local farm. I've wanted to try community-supported agriculture for a couple years now, and the availability and long growing seasons here in northern California seemed like a great opportunity to finally go for it.

As Dave can attest, each Wednesday on our pickup day, I'm like a kid at the candy store, very excited about that week's vegetable and flower share. I've been pleased with the variety and fresh quality from this group, even if I still haven't found a recipe that I like for kale. :-)

Still, it's fun to try new recipes and enjoy the flavors of vegetables grown locally and harvested recently. Yum!!

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Tamara said...

The CSA sounds fantastic. I know Matt would love to participate in something like that. He said he has a great recipe for kale but we can't seem to find it right now. We'll keep looking or maybe Matt can remember and jot it down!