Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Yes, I agree, please edit the podcasts

A recent post at corporateblogging. info rings true with me. Podcasts are unlikely to expand to wider adoption until the producers learn to edit their recordings. I have been trying to pick up and listen to some of these (from Church of the Customer, etc...), but inevitably they last too long and include way more than I really want to know.

What do you think? Have you found any well-done podcasts to recommend?

Perhaps this format only works well with a recording that you play during a long commute in your car. One colleague of mine does this, and it works very well for her.


Jackie Huba said...

Hi Tanya,

Jackie Huba said...

Hi Tanya, this is Jackie Huba from the Church of Customer. I agree with you that lots of podcasts seem to be too darn long. We are very cognizant of that with our podcasts: all of ours are under 30 minutes, and most segments are no longer than 10 minutes. Would love any feedback you have on our latest one that come out yesterday. We are always looking to improve : ) Thx.

Tanya said...

Hi, Jackie:

Thanks for writing.

Perhaps being able to jump to certain interviews in a program would be helpful. That way, if an interview isn't what I thought it would be, I can select the next segment and go on from there. I think 10 minutes is the max for any type of interview, though probably something 7 minutes is closer to my attention span. :-)

As to the most recent podcast, it was nice to hear about Southwest Airlines' "Ding" project but many of the questions that I heard were things I had already read about in other sources (online and print). After five or so questions, I realized I didn't really want to listen to the interview, which seemed to cover a lot of the same stuff that I had already read. I couldn't jump ahead to the next section, so I just stopped listening to it. Sorry! :-)


Dave said...

It's an immature form of expression that will ikely mature as poor production values will drive down user traffic. vlogs are out there too but the few I have watched haven't really offered anything visually that justified the extra bandwidth and time.

At this point, I think a lot of vlog/podcasters are just lonely geeks with lots of time and an exaggerated sense that someone is actually paying attention.

Then again, anyone who stumbles on my blog could say EXACTLY the same thing about me.