Saturday, March 29, 2008

American Idol and David Cook

So, as TiVo enthusiasts, Dave and I don't often watch the "live" reality programming shows.... We've just not gotten into them. But, we have friends who gush about American Idol and we thought we'd record an episode. We finally got around to watching the episode from earlier this week.

Most of the performances were OK. Some painful. It was a little interesting since all the singers were singing songs from our high school years, as that week's theme was to sing a song from the year they were born. (!)

Only one performance really stood out to us and amazed us, the performance of "Billy Jean" by David Cook.

If you're like us and are living under a rock, you don't have to miss out any more. Here's a video of that performance.

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rroot said...

David Cook gives me chills : ) I was reading through your summer blog and I totally relate to the eating as a social barrier/entry. Our couples group eats pizza on a regular basis and I can't do that or it undos any weekly progress I've made. My problem is that I can't eat just one piece! But I feel ya. Keep up the great work-20 pounds is so fabulous, as is the 5 days/week exercise!