Saturday, December 01, 2007

The craziness of the mortgage industry

We're in the process of getting ready to buy a house and are meeting with a mortgage salesperson today. In the spirit of this craziness, here's a funny video about said industry.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tanya's Shared Items

I read a lot of interesting blogs and news items, including some really great ones from my Facebook friends. Now, you can see the best of the best through a shared-items compilation that I build with Google Reader.

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NBC embraces ad metrics with TiVo deal

New media business models became mainstream earlier this week, when NBC Universal announced its intent to use TiVo's interactive advertising products.

It's not a surprise to those of us in the real world, but for broadcasters who've traditionally been able to sell 10-second broadcasting blocks for outrageous fees, it's an amazing concession.

For corporations, who have been able to measure not only clicks but actual purchases from new-media ads, TV was the luxury advertising medium that was hard to justify. And, I imagine, the networks have felt that attitude as their piece of cosumer mindshare has shrunk and nearly disappeared with hundreds of competing cable channels, the Internet and even competition from gaming systems (which have recently been blamed for reducing movie viewership).

The larger networks kept away from TiVo and even blamed DVRs for reducing their advertising revenue. So, NBC's embrace of TiVo tools is an important step in recognizing that people can customize and select entertainment options based on their needs and timetables, and that corporations may want to reach these people still, just not in the same way and with the same models that have been around for 50+ years.