Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Coverband Theology: Pursuing a Risky, Spirit-Led Life

Check out this blog post by Trent Yaconelli of a Bay-area band called Five A.M. Many of his observations in "Coverband Theology" reveal how the mindset of church life often involves our desire to avoid the unfamiliar and uncomfortable.
Here's a snippet:
Our lives should be focused on playing the music never heard before. It should be about taking the path un-traveled and giving up the familiar for the chaos and beauty of living in the spirit. Spirituality should be spontaneous, a cacophony of rock, jazz, jam, reggae, ska, punk, classical and folk. It should rise up from the heart not dictated by books and lectures. It should be alive and just as things that are living; constantly growing, changing, challenging, failing, and succeeding. When I see the big MEGA churches in America and I can’t help but think they are no different from the popular dance and cover band clubs. These people don’t want to be challenged they want something they can depend on, something they already know the ending too. They want a comfortable, controlled spiritual life. They want to know exactly where the stops are, exactly when the chorus hits, and exactly where it ends. This leads to a very safe and structured belief system but it does not lead to a spiritual life.