Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dreams & sleepless nights

photo by {platinum}

I don't often have vivid dreams, except for the occasional nightmare. Tonight, I'm sleeplessness due to a frightening dream-encounter with a spider (yes, arachnophobia for me!) which led into thoughts about work, a dirty apartment, a missing file cabinet... yes, it's sad. :-)

So, hello, everyone out there. I'll be tired this evening. But, right now, I'm alert and surfing the Internet. LOL.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Geni perks interest in family tree

OK, so Bruce Reyes-Chow mentioned this site on his blog, and once I was there, I couldn't stop playing around with it. I filled out a little of my family tree this morning despite my weak knowledge of the family genealogy.
But the smartest thing I did was "invite" a couple of connected family members. :-) Viola! Instant family tree, and more knowledge about my family heritage than I knew possible.

The interactivity of the site makes what is normally a boring topic more interesting to me. :-) I look forward to seeing how Geni continues to develop.