Monday, February 05, 2007

Superbowl commercials

OK.... So last night I did the opposite of what I normally do. I watched a TiVo recording by forwarding through the show and stopped to watch the commercials. :-)

After all, it is the most expensive night on television and the advertising community is showing its best and brightest ideas, right? Well, sort of.

A couple observations:

1 - There were a *lot* of PSAs and CBS in-house ads. Either they didn't sell all their inventory, or they're trying to make up for the outrageous amount of money they made for what they sold.

2 - Quantity didn't necessarily equal quantity. The plethora of beer and cola ads didn't really make up for the fact that they were OK ads, but not great ads.

My favorites:

The Snickers kiss - This was the best laugh-out-loud funny advertisement, and I liked the follow up URL, Cool, and good enough to rewind and play again.

Doritos love in "Live the Flavor"- This was cute and fun, and was the winner of a contest, no less. Good enough to rewind and play again.

Sprint "Connectile Dysfunction" - CD is a problem that can be solved, with a Sprint mobile broadband connect card. Great take on the ED ads. :-)

E*Trade bank robbery and "1" finger ads - Ever feel like your bank is robbing you? Sometimes one finger is all you need.

What were your favorite ads?