Saturday, February 25, 2006

What I don't like about Dwell magazine

OK.... So, Dave and I like reading books and magazines. We purchase many books and subscribe to a variety of magazines.

We recently signed up for a new publication called Dwell. It was a while ago, but the marketing materials, which seemed to emphasize cool design, must have been sufficiently compelling to make us think we'd like it.

It's not often a publication truly annoys me, but this publication did so... quite successfully.

What was annoying?
>Non-descript editorial content that blended into the over-abundance of advertisements
>Tiny print on the few pages of articles -- hey, I'm almost 40 years old -- 8 pt font makes my head hurt.
>Uncompelling editorial topics that didn't even tempt me to read the tiny print -- grrrrrr!
>Pretentious photography -- Is this for consumers or for architects? It seemed like the magazine was trying to style itself into an artistic standard, but there wasn't any substance to the accompanying editorial content, so it felt pretty hollow.

Needless to say, I'm sending back the invoice with a "cancel" request.

This is why Google will rule the Internet

Now, Google pages lets anyone become a Web site designer, without the hassles of hosting, FTP and hard to understand WSIWYG desktop applications. I've been creating and managing Web sites since the early 90s, and this is a *great* simple tool for the every day user -- including our grandparents. :-)

How funny that this young company should make the Web more accessible to anyone, and create tools that are so much simpler to learn and understand.

The only thing you need to create your Web page is a Gmail account. If you don't have one, I can send you an invite to get you started. Just add a comment to my post, and I'll send it to you!