Thursday, November 24, 2005

I'm grateful for paid time off....

Just wanted to express my "thanks" giving this day.... I took this week off and used some of my abundant PTO. It's been a busy fall, with my MBA class and a heavy work schedule (with more travel than usual).

So, what did I do with my time off this week?

Catch up on things that have been ignored (house cleaning, organizing home spaces), indulge in leisurely pleasures (baking pies & cookies for family, making home-cooked meals, read recipies and "fun" magazines like Martha Stewart Living) and try to get ahead in my last major assignment for class (paper research and preparation).

More importantly, I have *not* checked work e-mail or tried to work on "work" projects (even though I brought some work files home (in case I had the time). :-)

Today we're going to my sister's house for Thanksgiving dinner, and then we'll go shopping the next day together (for a little fun). It's been an enjoyable few days off, but afterward I'll be cranking on the homework task. (Maybe I should have used a little more of those 100+ PTO hours available??)

I hope you enjoy your holiday and take the time to meditate and express your appreciation for our Creator's gifts. I know I will be....