Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Saul and Patsy exist in the Midwest

Just finished a book called by Charles Baxter called Saul and Patsy. The story follows a relatively young couple as they move to small-town Michigan so that Saul can change careers and become a teacher.

I met the author when he performed a reading for a local community college. He has a beautful style, but the plots of his stories could hardly be called compelling. Still, if you enjoy nice writing for it's own sake and have a fondness for the Midwest, Saul and Patsy takes that journey with you.

Transparent computer screen photos - very cool looking

These photos that make the computer monitors look transparent take a bit of work to set up, but they are very cool looking. Thanks to all of those people out there who have the time to put those together. :-)

Google now available in Romansh

This is one of the things that makes Google so cool.