Monday, March 07, 2005

Google, Google everywhere

What more can a search company do? So much more. It seems that the world of Google has become more ubiquitous with each passing month. Not that I can complain. I have used the desktop search since its initial beta release and promptly became addicted to its functionality, which answered some true felt needs common to modern PC use. (Sorry, Bill, but why didn't you think of a desktop search that went through my Outlook messages?)

Google's maps are also awesome, and did you know you can even look up the weather?

Plus, of course, like the many people around me, I also now use Google for e-mail (and have relegated my Hotmail account to backup of the backup of the backup). Yes, other companies are coming out with similar services, but they always seem to come out later and with less impressive execution. (Though Blogger is a Google product, I do admit that I actually signed up for this blog when it was Blogspot affiliated, before the takeover.)

Congratulations, Google! Well, done, and keep up the good work.

P.S. If anyone would like a Gmail (Google e-mail) account, I have invites to share. Just post your request here. :-)

My cat Max looks out onto the snowy neighborhood.  Posted by Hello