Thursday, February 17, 2005

Comcast follies on Jennifer Rice's Brand Mantra

I have great empathy for Jennifer Rice's recent experiences with Comcast and their horrible customer service. Our experiences with their poor service (for both cable and ISP support) are very similar..... See what she said:

I hate Comcast...:

"I normally don't rant about negative experiences on my blog, but I'm hoping that my little post about how much I hate Comcast will bubble up high in Google rankings and that SOMEBODY at that company might think about improving their customer experience. It's all about the power of the customer, baby. Might as well stop spending millions on smiley-face advertising to get new customers, because the viral nature of the blogosphere is guaranteed to counteract it...."

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy anniversary to me and Dave

Back in town after a bit of travel for work and also for a 15-year college reunion. The travel was very pleasant, as the trade show went well and the reunion fun. The only true blight on the experience was the horrible service and incompetency of United Airlines, as they lost my luggage, canceled a flight and made it all the worse with possibly the worst customer service I've had ever.

But on to better things:
Today is my 7-year wedding anniversary, and I have to say that these have been great years.... Not easy, but great. Thank you, Dave for being my best friend. :-)