Thursday, August 26, 2004

So, now you can sign up for Google AdSense

So, now you can sign up for Google AdSense in your blog and make money in the process. ( There were always ads, but now the blogger can sign up and get a piece of the action. Just sign up and let the money flow, right?

Personally, I'm torn by the news. As a marketer who spends a lot of money at Google to promote a great product, I see this as a great opportunity to get qualified leads from people who match the profile of my target customer.

As a person who loves the creativity and freedom of the Internet, I hate to imagine others out there creating stories about art projects, gardening woes and visits to McDonald's in the hopes of triggering the correct ad that might bring them the bucks. Where's the fun in that?

I believe that, ultimately, competition and the market will determine the success of this effort. However, there will be a few folks out there who will play a game in order to make a quick buck. Hopefully it's not the boring schmucks who write drivel and instead it will be the entertaining, interesting posts that will draw the traffic.